Why My Shower Leaks – And How To Proceed

Why my shower leaks and what to do. Have you ever had a shower pan that leaks? This can be a nightmare for your homeowner! This tends to shower leaking through wall and floors and bring about mildew and fungus, which may become a well being hazard.

Some background information:

Some more mature homes, constructed twenty years ago,or even more had “composition” shower pans. They were being made from type of a tar paper. Any time a shower base filled up with water from the leak the cement function beneath the tile acquired soaked and so did the shower pan, after a while it deteriorated and the pan no longer was a receptor to carry the leaking drinking water. The h2o just ran from the bottom and on to your rest room ground.

Newer loos utilize a vinyl shower pan content that does not deteriorate. So until you will find there’s serious gap while in the vinyl pan from building nails or screws the pan does it is job, that’s to keep water from the shower flooring leak from flooding your toilet. So using the new vinyl pans, or in case you had a soldered copper pan, you do have a excellent receptor to hold leaking water.

But…Despite a good shower pan you may nevertheless have challenges! If the cement while in the shower pan is totally saturated there’s no spot for that h2o to go other than, by capillary action, up the wall and down to the bathroom. For those who have cementatious sub partitions it truly is not to bad if fastened in time. The walls will dry out and free tile or marble , may be replaced.
When you’ve got green board (handled drywall) your walls otherwise set will rot out and
then its time for your big overhaul.

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