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There are a lot of great wedding venues in Savannah, Georgia. The first venue is Bryson Hall. Bryson Hall is right in the heart of the historic district of Savannah so it provides a very unique wedding experience with its deco style architecture. It was a great view of Chippewa Square with its original windows, floors, and grand staircase. The second venue is The Kehoe House. The Kehoe House offers the wedding party with lots of romance and southern Read more… »

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Botanical gardens make ideal locations for outdoor weddings throughout the year. The lush, landscaped grounds require no additional decorating and provide a colorful and elegant background for your special day.

One of the best known southern botanical garden is Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore, Alabama. The gardens span 65 acres and feature a gorgeous 10,000 square foot main home styled in classic English Renaissance. Ceremonies can be held on the grounds or in the small intimate chapel located at the south end of the gardens.

Dunaway Gardens is another southern location that is ideal for outdoor weddings. Located Read more… »

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Backpacking in your home country can be a lot of fun and can be a great way to stay physically fit, but backpacking overseas can be an even more exciting adventure. Not only will you get the reap all of the benefits that go along with backpacking, but you will also be able to experience a new culture and see sights and sounds that you can’t enjoy back home. With a bit of careful planning, an overseas backpacking trip can be effortless and affordable.

First of all, plan

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Plantation houses are elegant homes located on sprawling land; these magnificent houses are full of rich history. Plantation homes feature traditional styles and southern charms. They are excellent places for tourists visiting Southern areas. Some plantation houses are renovated into hotels or weekend getaways; this makes them a unique form of lodging for any traveler. Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina are home to many popular plantation houses worth visiting.

In Georgia, there are many different plantation

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Nothing is as beautiful as the Outer Banks area in North Carolina. This area has long been known, as a great place to take the family for vacation. The pristine beaches, full of shells, can provide hours of entertainment to children and adults alike.

When traveling to the Outer Banks area, one needs to find great lodging close to the beach. While there is several hotels right on the water front, house rental opens up more options. Companies like Outer Banks Read more… »

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Among the best historical sites to visit in Virginia is Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, our nation’s third president. Located near the University of Virginia, this 5000 acre estate is the only historic home included on the United Nations’ World Heritage list. In addition to long-standing tours, n recently opened are second floor sleeping quarters for family members and a very unusual third-floor dome room used by a Jefferson grandson and his wife.

A new cellar area, the Crossroads, contains full-size representations of plantation workers such as Betty Brown who is believed to be the slave of longest service Read more… »

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South Africa is the new unique, affordable, and attractive go to destination for conferences, getaways, weddings, and other events. The diversity of climates, peoples, and activities available provide a something for everyone in your group. City life? Reading on the beach? Swimming in the ocean? Deep-sea diving? A few rounds on a world class golf course? All of these and more are easily accessible with a South African location.

For business events, there are a thousand venues ready to host a group. First class infrastructure and the Read more… »

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Whether you’ve been sitting in North Dakota using your wireless internet service to plan your honeymoon or you’ve got a world class travel agent on the case, don’t forget about some of the most overlooked, underrated honeymoon destinations.
Quebec: If you want that real European feel but you can’t afford a trip across the pond, Quebec is a great alternative. Montreal’s great and Quebec City’s even better Read more… »

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Black Hills, South Dakota, is a mountainous region best known for being home to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial and several other national parks. It is a beautiful area that got its name from a Native American saying, that translates to “black hill” because of the dark appearance of the mountains from a distance. Because of its stunning, picturesque natural scenery, the Black Hills are picking up momentum as a great tourist attraction. Not just Read more… »

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The wonderful and untamed Alaska frontier has so much to offer anyone that enjoys the great outdoors. This is a dreamland for all hikers of any skills. Finding the best hiking guide is valuable to the hiker so they don’t miss out on any of the great adventures that are available.

Alaska has short, easy trails with spectacular scenery as will as the longer, harder trails for the more experienced hiker. Choosing the right trail for a family or for the loner hiker will make the difference in the challenge and enjoyment of the Read more… »